Conveyor belt animation
The word Fastest in a moving forward motion effect.
Trading venue in the World
Enjoy zero fees, deep liquidity and tight spreads on a trading venue 100x faster than any other crypto exchange.
The future of trading
Learn more about the best trading venue in the world.
Glow element
Animated top down view of a conveyor system
Fast exchange
Sub 100 microsecond latencies at a rate of 400,000 orders per second.
Illustration symbolizing zero percent fees
Zero fees
0% maker and 0% taker fees for all customers and all markets.
Graphic representation of one microsecond
1 microsecond
1 microsecond matching engine speed and 72 microseconds for a round trip.
Highly regulated
One Trading is a leader in defining the regulatory standards, with a VASP license and a pending MiFID II application.
Artwork representing European standards
Visual indicating openness to all traders
Open to all traders
Anyone can access our deep liquidity and use instant trade.
Image depicting 200 times faster processing
100x faster
Submit 200 orders before you can discover a price and place a single order on other market leading venues.
A crypto venue for everyone
Newcomers to experienced traders & institutions can enjoy an unrivalled trading experience with one platform.
Conveyor animation top down view
Image of One Trading's website
GBP token illustration
100s of tokens
Trade 100s of tokens with new tokens regularly being added.
Instant trade
Trade 100+ pairs between crypto-assets and fiat seamlessly. Trade in size, up to €10 million in a single click.
Low fees illustration
Multi currency
Easily fund your account with EUR, GBP, CHF and 100+ crypto tokens.
Image representing multi currency support
Safe and secure illustration
Safe and secure
Crypto assets secured to the highest standards using MPC-based technology.
Low fees illustration
A binary background image.